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The Moons on Your Nails Can Be an Indicator for These 10 Health Problems

If your fingernails are healthy they will be pink with a touch of white moons near the base. If they are with other colors, it might meant that you have health problems.

  • Dark stripes at the top means that you are aging or you have congestive heart failure.
  • White nails indicate liver disease like hepatitis.
  • Dull nails indicate a vitamin deficiency.
  • Blueish nails are a sign of low oxygen levels in the blood.
  • Red streaks in the nail bed indicate a heart valve infection.
  • Green nails indicate bacterial infection.

These are the 8 ways which will help you find out if you have a health condition just by looking at the nails. Therefore, do not take your nails for granted and watch out for them, they will help you a lot!


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