8 Animals That Can Live Forever (Almost)

Humanity throughout the ages is trying to find the antidote to useless death, the exorcism of life, while some beings remain alive and almost remain immortal



These lucky creatures have found the fountain of youth.

Here are 8 virtually immortal animals,


1. Koi Fish — up to 225 years
I’d never have thought that Koi fish can live up to 225 years! Maybe it’s because the Japanese good-luck fish don’t have a stomach at all, just the good ol’ gut.

2. Tortoises and turtles – up to 255 years
This one’s pretty simple – the slower you go, the longer you live (theory requires more testing)! Here’s the kicker, there is almost no way you can tell a juvenile turtle from an old one, biologically speaking. It’s like being 17 your entire life.

3. Greenland Sharks – 200-500 years
All hail the longest living vertebrate – the Greenland shark! Averaging at 270 years, some specimens are believed to have lived for 450-500 years. Who knows maybe there’s a 1000 year old shark somewhere in the depths.

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