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19 Perfectly Timed Photos Before Disaster

It is a popular factor that quite alot of us us are most likely habituated to taking snaps of anything every moment,regardless of this habit,alot of the time, these photos help us refect on the image and the story it conveys.

Some of these photos may be terrifying or joyful; they have the capability to be very much effectual.Sometimes those memories may be of some tragic moments and create odd feelings among us.So i have taken out time to write out some of these perfectly timed photos that made our day and will forever be cherished as well.

N/B:The ranking is in no order of relevance, it is based on a random selection.

19 Perfectly Timed Photos Before Disaster

15.Kiss of Love

Coming in at number 15 on our list is this moment from the nature. Wildlife photography has given us some of the most breath-taking images of all time. And this is another example of the same. What makes this even more special is its precision of time. As two birds make their beaks touch each other’s, we are left with a beautiful image of love. Maybe they are being playful or fighting or exchanging food items, but there is this tenderness to this image which makes it an extraordinaire pick for our list.


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